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Steuerrecht Kolumbien

International Tax Law

In most of the cases, competent legal advice in the context of business, real estate, and immigration requires a close look at tax implications. CM Legal takes this into account for all clients and advises on complex tax law questions as well, especially in the international context.

The Colombian tax system is complex and is subject to constant changes. About every two years, the Colombian Congress approves broad tax reforms that profoundly modify the system.

CM Legal gives you clarity amidst the jungle of tax legislation. In many cases, the individual tax laws and the interaction between them offer a certain margin for interpretation, the skillful exploration of which can result in considerable tax savings in full compliance with the law. On the other hand, it is important (especially in the environment of business tax law) to respect the legal formalities and statutory time limits, as the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN - Colombian acronym) has the power to impose fines, even for minor technical infractions. In general, Colombian tax law should be taken seriously from the beginning. That is, from the moment of migration to Colombia or the constitution of a Colombian company, the sooner you address this complex issue, the easier it will be to plan and optimize an efficient tax strategy.

CM Legal is highly specialized in advising foreign individuals regarding Colombian legislation on income tax.

Primary Services

  • Comprehensive advice regarding Colombian income tax law for individuals.
  • Communication with DIAN.
  • Advice focused on international matters / avoiding double taxation.
  • Tax advice regarding the transfer of real estate or shares.
  • Fiscal optimization for expats in Colombia.
  • Tax planning for companies.
  • Elaboration of legal concepts on detailed and complex fiscal issues.
  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns.
  • Requests for payment of credit refunds.

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