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Unternehmensrecht Kolumbien

Business Law

The legal needs of private business are very diverse, from consultation on the preparation and closing of contracts, to employee-related labor law issues, to litigation with suppliers, clients, or the authorities. There are many scenarios in which professional legal support is good practice. CM Legal has multiple years of experience creating and managing business in Colombia and will help you avoid legal problems from the start and if it’s too late, to find viable solutions for existing problems.

Colombia is a country which offers a favorable environment for business and has recently experienced a significant increase in foreign investment. The simplified joint stock company, or S.A.S., has been established as a typical vehicle for business formation.

On the other hand, there are many laws and regulations that must be observed from the time of company formation or entry into the Colombian market, or risk facing inevitable legal problems. In this context, it is worth noting there are provisions in Colombian labor law that favor employees and that there are numerous obligations imposed on businesses by Colombian tax law. When writing contracts with suppliers, clients or associated companies, the utmost attention to detail is required in order to be prepared in the case of default by the other party.

CM Legal represents and advises companies from various sectors throughout Colombia to ensure that their business operations are correctly and properly performed from a legal perspective. These industries include: tourism, hotel, gastronomic, automotive, construction and non-profit organization sectors.

Primary Services

  • Formation and management of companies.
  • Writing company bylaws, minutes of general shareholder meetings, agreements between shareholders.
  • If required, the temporary assumption of substitute legal representation for companies of recent constitution.
  • Negotiation support with commercial partners.
  • Writing and reviewing of all types of commercial contracts.
  • Consulting services for international financial operations.
  • Registration and update of registry of foreign investments with the Colombian Central Bank.
  • Support with banking procedures and other financial entities.
  • Drafting contracts for independent contractors and hiring employees.
  • Clarification of questions regarding business tax law in coordination with the company accountant.
  • Registration of industrial property, such as brands or distinctive signs, in the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
  • Intervention in company litigation, whether internal or with third parties, always in order to achieve a fast and low-cost resolution.
  • Assistance with any type of administrative procedure.
  • Evaluation of potential commercial partners.

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