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Unternehmensrecht Kolumbien

Business Law

The legal needs of private business are very diverse, from consultation on the preparation and closing of contracts, to employee-related labor law issues, to litigation with suppliers, clients, or the authorities. There are many scenarios in which professional legal support is good practice. CM Legal has multiple years of experience creating and managing business in Colombia and will help you avoid legal problems from the start and if it’s too late, to find viable solutions for existing problems.
Immobilienrecht Kolumbien

Real Estate Law

CM Legal has extensive experience and knowledge in the planning and execution of real estate operations. CM Legal advises in purchase negotiations, examines all relevant information and respective documents, in particular the legal background and status of the property ownership, and helps to organize the financial aspects of the transaction. If required, CM Legal can act as a legal agent in dealing with sellers/buyers, notaries and banks.
Steuerrecht Kolumbien

International Tax Law

In most of the cases, competent legal advice in the context of business, real estate, and immigration requires a close look at tax implications. CM Legal takes this into account for all clients and advises on complex tax law questions as well, especially in the international context.
Migrationsrecht und Visa Kolumbien

Immigration Law and Visas

CM Legal has many years of experience in applying for Colombian visas: To date, approximately 300 visa applications have been successfully completed for foreign clients from all over the world. CM Legal manages the entire visa process, from selection of the most appropriate type of visa to obtaining the physical visa in the passport through CM Legal’s messenger service in Bogotá.
Inkasso Kolumbien

Conflict Resolution

CM Legal supports and represents its clients in legal disputes, whether extra-procedurally, conciliation, or if necessary, in court.