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Conflict Resolution

CM Legal supports and represents its clients in legal disputes, whether extra-procedurally, conciliation, or if necessary, in court.

In the best case scenario, legal conflicts may be avoided in advance through careful planning and preparation and seeking the necessary advice. Nonetheless, litigation cannot always be avoided, both in business and individual contexts.

Due to the weakness and unpredictability of the Colombian judicial system, combined with long processes in the national court system, appearing in court is usually a last resort. As a result, CM Legal uses alternative means to solve conflicts in most cases, such as extrajudicial negotiations with the counterpart or conciliation before officially recognized entities. Depending on the configuration of the case, it may also make sense to call upon the police or supervision of State authorities.

In any case, before taking concrete measures, CM Legal carries out a thorough cost-benefit analysis.

Primary Services

  • Extrajudicial collection of obligations.
  • Negotiation of binding payment agreements with debtors.
  • Conciliation processes before official entities.
  • Civil proceedings and enforcement.
  • Filing of charges and criminal complaints to the Attorney General’s office and criminal investigation procedures.
  • Opening of police investigation.
  • Support and intervention in case of disputes with government authorities.
  • Representation in administrative fines proceedings.
  • Presentation of claims and complaints against banks and other financial institutions.

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